Fully-Grown Rabid Dog Wins The Puppy Bowl


NEW YORK — The Puppy Bowl XV, the biggest annual puppy sporting event, made history on Sunday night when a fully-grown rabid German Shepherd emerged as the victor.  Mr. Pebblesworth, the grizzled nine-year veteran from Team Fluff, won solely on a technicality after he viciously attacked and killed the other canines representing both teams on the field.  The former stray also bit the referee’s throat in protest of a ruffing penalty during the first half, along with several other animals present at the event. “Pebblesworth was a last minute addition to the line-up,” said Team Fluff coach Bork Belichick. “We just happened to find him outside the Puppy Bowl studio digging through the trash. You could see the look of a champion in his deranged eyes.” Mr. Pebblesworth was also named Most Valuable Puppy with a game-high 9 tackles and 2 sacks on an animal trainer.  The rabid dog would not be present to accept his trophy after being euthanized by personnel immediately after the final whistle.

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