Improv Troupe Upstaged By Folding Chair

TORONTO — Local improv troupe IMPROV-A-PALOOZA delivered a lukewarm performance before 68 people at the Village Playhouse last night.  The real star though was a grey folding chair, which remained inanimate throughout the 75-minute show.  According to several audience members, the chair – nicknamed “Foldy” – was the only performer onstage who never broke character during the numerous games played onstage.  One being a tableau exercise, which the chair received a moderate ovation from the crowd.  The rest of the troupe appeared visibly frustrated & desperate to please as the show wore on.  “If I knew the chair was gonna steal the show,” said one spectator. “I would’ve stayed home and watch Whose Line Is It Anyways?!”  The improv troupe was previously upstaged by a ringing cell phone and an usher coughing.

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