Don Cherry Stored Safely In Cryogenic Chamber Until Next NHL Season


TORONTO — With another NHL season in the books, Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry has been safely stowed away in his cryogenic chamber until the 2018-19 NHL season starts up in October. At the ripe age of 84, CBC execs hope to preserve his brash, no-nonsense hockey mind for another 20 seasons.  “He is irreplaceable,” said fellow co-host Ron MacLean.  “But I’ll finally have the summer to enjoy a nice chardonnay and have a say in things without being rudely interrupted by Grapes.”  CBC opened up their cryogenic division in the depths of their studios nearly 4 years ago, specifically for Cherry and actor Gordon Pinsent.  MacLean added that there’s also a chamber reserved for The Nature of Things host David Suzuki, but his views oppose CBC’s government-funded cryogenic technology.

(cue Coach’s Corner outro theme)

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