Modern Day Daredevil Defies Odds By Drinking Milk 2 Days Past Expiry Date


REGINA — All logic was defied when modern day daredevil Chester “Chet” Frey drank an entire 2-litre carton of milk, 2 days past its expiry date.  The dangerous stunt was performed late last night when Frey woke up from a nap and courageously stumbled to the fridge to find the spoiled dairy product.  Frey then backwashed the 2% partly skimmed milk with reckless abandon until the carton ran dry.  “I was thirsty,” said Chet, “but I saw the due date and thought to myself, ‘Do I wanna waste my money pouring it down the kitchen sink?’, so I did it.”  According to sources, his tabby cat Mr. Whiskers was on the scene to witness the iconic event, mewing for encouragement. By press time, Frey reported to a local doctor complaining of abdominal pains and severe diarrhea, but no life-threatening injuries.

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