White Supremacist Confuses Winnipeg Whiteout For Klan Rally

WINNIPEG — Misguided by the amount of people completely dressed in white, known supremacist Jon Boone Wilson showed up at a Winnipeg Jets’ Whiteout Street Party “under false pretenses” of a Klan rally.  He appeared at the playoff celebration outside Bell MTS Place in full KKK regalia among thousands of drunk and rowdy Jets fans.  “Everybody is dressed up in white, holding up signs saying White this & White that!” observed the self-proclaimed Aryan.  “I just got the wrong impression.  You get where I’m coming from, right?”  Jon Boone Wilson would later upset Jets fans when he hopped onto a nearby stage and attempted an off the cuff pro-Trump speech.  He was physically removed by Jets mascot Mick E. Moose & security staff, much to the fans’ delight.  At press time, Wilson was spotted hastily leaving Portage Avenue while berated by Jets fans and pelting him with empty beer cans.

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