Meek Antelope Leaves BBC’s Planet Earth Due To ‘Creative Differences’


ZIMBABWE — According to a report, a rhebok antelope has dropped out from the hit BBC documentary series Planet Earth citing “creative differences.”  The meek herbivore has expressed through his agent that she is unhappy with her role in the upcoming season.  “My client no longer wants to be typecast as just another vulnerable, helpless victim,” said Dale Donner, the antelope’s agent.  There is no word on how this will impact the show, considering fans were looking forward to seeing the antelope face its grisly demise by a bloodthirsty lion in slow motion while Sir David Attenborough narrates.   “There is no other way we could possibly portray this pathetically weak member of the animal kingdom,” said a BBC executive.  “If we were to write her up as a dominant species, let alone a carnivore, we would be merely jumping the shark.  And we already got a shark doing that!”  Producers have already found a replacement antelope to film the final scenes, notably a climactic scene where the antelope’s corpse is devoured and fought between a family of lion cubs.

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